Store Manager for WooCommerce v. – WooCommerce Order Management, Application Enhancements

Store Manager for WooCommerce Features:

  • Order management has been implemented. Now the functionality to create, edit and remove WooCommerce orders is available in the application.


  • Now it is possible to set imported shipping classes as parent ones after upload;
  • The size of product lower grid was modified. Now it is much more convenient to view all the tabs and add/edit product details in them;
  • In case some entity was removed from WooCommerce database, the software clears cache data and makes it possible to assign ID of the deleted item to newly-created one. This way IDs will be created correctly, and there will be no gaps in ID list;
  • Fixed issue with product variations import. Now images are imported and assigned to variations correctly;
  • The option to edit field "Slug" has been removed from Mass Product Tags Changer;
  • A new notification message will appear in case target file you export data to is currently used by another process;
  • Eliminated the issue with incorrect image URL exported when bridge type of database connection was used. Now full image path is exported correctly;
  • The error occurring when empty "Sale Price" for variation was increased/ decreased has been fixed.

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