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Store Manager for WooCommerce (Beta) – Product, Category, User, Import/Export

Great news for WooCommerce store owners!

Public Beta version of Store Manager for Woocommerce with new features and enhancements has just rolled out.

Detailed release notes can be accessed from the list below.


  • Product import/export has been implemented to Store Manager for WooCommerce. You can import products from files of different formats (.csv, .xml, xls, .xlsx, .txt, .zip, .ods) or export to .csv;
  • User import/export (with hashed passwords) feature is now available in Store Manager application. It is possible to import users from .csv, .xml, .xls, .xlsx, .ods, .txt files and export to .csv file;
  • 'Sales by products' and 'Sales by date' custom reports have been added to Store Manager for WooCommerce application;
  • Product and category drag-and-drop has been added to Store Manager for WooCommerce;
  • Category import/export functionality has been added in this release of Store Manager for WooCommerce;
  • WooCommerce product tags can be imported/exported now;
  • Restore Default Layout option allowing to restore current Store Manager form to default view now is available in Store Manager;
  • "View product page" and "View Product Admin Panel" options are now available in Store Manager. You can view products at the storefront or in WooCommerce Admin simply clicking on corresponding button in product context menu;
  • Category sorting in the grid has been implemented into Store Manager for WooCommerce.


  • Instant search is functioning properly in product search form now;
  • Hints are being displayed properly in Store Manager now;
  • Previously the message, one got after connection switch, was truncated. The issue has been fixed and message is readable now;
  • Database list will appear on Database Name step of connection wizard when WooCommerce users press 'Get Databases' button;
  • Export file name template is the following: "ItemNameExport_date_time.csv".


  • Column adjustments are now displayed properly in product search form;
  • Previously it was allowed to disable default language of the application. The logic has been changed and default language can not be unchecked in "Settings -> Application Language";
  • Tags Name and Slug now can be exported with Store Manager for WooCommerce;
  • Dialog message asking for confirmation will now appear when one presses Clear Changes button (for bridge connection users);
  • "&" character is displayed properly in Store Manager for WooCommerce.
  • Extend Store Manager Update Period to Get the Latest Version Extend Update Period

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