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eMagicOne Team does its best to constantly improve WooCommerce Store Manager application and implement new functional capabilities. Below you can find release notes for major and minor releases, that will be added each time, new Store Manager for WooCommerce version is rolled out. Check out the changes and stay up-to-date!

We have recently launched WooCommerce Store Manager version The highlights of the release are outlined below:


  • The possibility to export orders into CSV file has been added.

  • Order import from .csv file is now available. Starting from version, you can accomplish order transfer through import wizard.

  • Receipts printing using til printers feature has been added to POS in this version of WooCommerce Store Manager.


  • WooCommerce Store Manager is now compatible with its 3.1.2, 3.2.0, 3.2.1 versions.

  • When saving configurations in Import/Export Wizard a corresponding message is being added to it.

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  • Previously when deleting Sale Price of product variations massively, the value of the field was changed to 0. The issue has been fixed and now after deleting the value becomes blank as it should.

  • From now, the POS search option displays correctly the variations, but not variable product itself.

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