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eMagicOne Team does its best to constantly improve WooCommerce Store Manager application and implement new functional capabilities. Below you can find release notes for major and minor releases, that will be added each time, new Store Manager for WooCommerce version is rolled out. Check out the changes and stay up-to-date!

We have recently launched WooCommerce Store Manager version The highlights of the release are outlined below:

Store Manager for WooCommerce Features: WooCommerce POS (Point of Sale), Order Notification

  1. POS (Point of Sale) feature for quick order adding via Store Manager has been added. It gives you an opportunity to configure necessary details (add product to order, select customer, payment method, etc)

  2. "Notification" tab has been added to Preferences window. New order notification can be enabled/disabled in this section.


  • Order details displaying in Store Manager has been improved.
    • WooCommerce order Total value now displays correctly (with decimals);
    • Currency symbol displays beside order total;

  • Blanks are automatically replaced by hyphens in media files names in the process of their upload to Media Library via Store Manager now.

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  • Previously no value was displayed for attribute (in Variations section of the lower grid) if an attribute, used for product variations, has been deleted. Now Store Manager works in the same way, WooCommerce admin does and displays "Any" [Attribute Name] instead of empty value.

  • Files, that have blanks in their names, are now uploaded properly to WooCommerce through Bridge Connector module.

  • "Refresh" option in "Users" section works correctly now.

  • Sale price, specified in "Variations" tab of product edit mode, applies properly now.

  • "Sale price from" and "Sale price to" fields now perform correctly and indicated sale price displays at product page.

  • Currency, displayed in WooCommerce orders, depends on settings configured in Admin, but not the ones specified in regional PC settings.

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