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Prestashop Manager Chat said about Iren ZakharkoPerfect2 days ago
She was tough at start but later she understood our problems and eventually helped.
Mihailo said about Angelina ShydlivskaShe was tough at start but later she understood our problems and eventually helped. 2 days ago
Nora Hartley said about Angelina Shydlivskathanks2 days ago
superb Support and very nice understanding, in time and cooperative and skillfull, two thumbs up for you valeriy and all emagicone support team. Thanks again
Zeeshan said about Valeriy Shliakhtunsuperb Support and very nice understanding, in time and cooperative and skillfull, two thumbs up for you valeriy and all emagicone support team. Thanks again 2 days ago
Excellent communication.and always able to come up with solutions
Joe Montalto said about Valeriy ShliakhtunExcellent communication.and always able to come up with solutions 3 days ago

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Store Manager for WooCommerce Reviews

Store Manager for WooCommerce Reviews ★★★★★ 4.5 out of 5 based on 10 reviews. Read reviews

Helpful application but could use some work

4 5 1
Various reporting options available to you. Not only can you promptly recognize the top of the line items in your store, you can likewise investigate the deals by date and item. The last component can prove to be useful when you are setting up your advertising effort before an essential occasion with sales and other promotions. It makes store admin much easier and cancels out some risks in the process (such as what the persons can do with the app).
As my store is growing in terms of products and categories... Once in a while I have been forced to edit the categories, and re-arrange the order to make it nice and neat.
While doing so I have discovered some weird behavior while attempting to alter (move) categories.
In the inevitability that you are thinking about investing time into an internet business, yet you are lacking knowledge on how to get started and keep things running, maybe Store Manager for WooCommerce may prove to be useful.
It has been helpful to organize, upload, edit, tag and keep track of products, customers and orders. I have also enjoyed the integrated themes that allow me to change the overall appearance whenever I'm in the mood to.


4 5 1
It's very user friendly and easy. The interface is nice
There isn't anything I can think of that I dislike about it
Having everything in one place

Using Woocommerce, why would you use anything else.

4 5 1
I like that it is simple to set up, and that right out of the box it does what you need for most basic electronic shops.
I would like to see more add-ons that come with the base platform.
Not sure there are any problems at this moment.

Save a lot of time & money

4 5 1
They have very good integration and good support.
I wish they would have integration with Etsy and better price. They also don't have software for Mac
It's worth a try. I use Woocommerce, Ebay and I started a shop on Etsy. It can be really difficult to manage everything so automating some of the process can be a big plus.
I use Woocommerce and Ebay. For that reason, WooCommerce Store Manager can be a time saver. Anyway, since I am not making a big amount of sales every month, I would still have a problem to afford WooCommerce Store Manager

Review of WooCommerce Store Manager

4 5 1
My favorite feature is would be the various integrations, such as eBay and Amazon
I honestly do not have anything that stands out specifically that I would say I dislike.
I've used the plugin on several sites, from duck call sales to beauty products. It makes it super easy for me to pass off to a client so that they can manage themselves with little help from me.

Good tool for creating an online store

5 5 1
I didn't had any experience at all on creating an online store with a store manager, i just watched some tutorials and I was already helping on setting up one of the company website store products online. Doesn't take much experience and it's very easy to accomplish, you add your products, set images and prices , tags and attributes and you're ready to go.
You need to keep aware for updates as they are being constantly release.
Easy online store setup, if you're looking to setup an online store anytime soon, i would recommend this add-on.
We setup one of our office product websites in less than a week with this tool. Everything has been working fine for now and we didn't needed for professional assistance, it was a matter of watching some tutorials online and the help of our IT with coding.

Very easy to use system with many options

5 5 1
Woocommerce is really easy to set up out of the box and integrate into a website - regardless of what types of products you are selling. We've used it for clothing to food to digital products and more, never encountering any issues or pushing the boundaries of the system.
Because the system is wide open and is able to be used for a lot of things, it's not set up for any one product type - sometimes it's confusing trying to figure out how to actually configure all of the settings - especially shipping settings.
I'd definitely use this system (and we do) for my own personal projects and also for the sites that we build for others.
Listing products on ecommerce sites. Gone are the days of needing to build sites manually, or outsource product pages to sites like BigCartel etc. We just use WooCommerce to integrate our products directly into the sites that we build.

It's a must for any WooCommerce Store with a High Volune of Products

5 5 1
Easy to use, and there are so many features you cant even use them all! There is an entire wiki for help and documentation, as well as pretty quick support. You can make all of your changes locally within the software and then post those changes to the website when you are done.
I have found a bit of a language barrier at times for support, and you have to pay once a year to continue receiving updates.
These guys specialize in this stuff! They have a manager for every shopping cart you can think of!
We use this for our smaller storefront, as well as the Magento Store Manager. They are equally amazing!! Easily bulk update and import products and more!

One of the top trending versatile solution on the market

5 5 1
Great tool, a lot to learn, very customizable. Much cheaper and approachable solution for e-commerce than rest of the market when you compare price vs quality.
Sometimes get lost as to what to do, where to go, ultimate e-commerce setup guide for woocommerce would be fantastic, more like case studies.
Also, if there would be more drag-and-drop style builders particularly centered towards e-commerce. So to say user-friendliness and easy of logic of Shopify, but more customizable and robust.
Don't dive in without doing the research of solutions. WooCommerce is very robust, powerful and cool, but it will take a longer learning curve vs simpler solutions like Shopify or Big Commerce.
Ability to sell online and to integrate into other channels, pull orders into woocommerce and operate a website and a marketplace. Synchronization of inventory, orders, listings with marketplaces. All of this can be done much easier and by a small team + freelancers or even sometimes by 1 person, so that's a big plus.

Great Support! Great Value!Great Support! Great Value!

5 5 1
Great Support! Great Value!