WooCommerce eBay Integration addon for Store Manager

eBay Integration for WooCommerce – Store Manager Addon


Integrate your WooCommerce store with eBay marketplace swimmingly relying upon eBay Integration addon of Store Manager application. Starting from Store Manager v. the addon is available FREE!

WooCommerce to eBay

Want to join the online auction, where people and businesses sell and buy multitude of goods and services? eBay Integration extension will help you out.

This Store Manager for WooCommerce addon fulfills quick and flawless WooCommerce webstore integration with world-famous eBay marketplace. Dispose your merchandise on eBay and make them accessible to a large client base making minimum efforts.
*Be sure to update your eBay Integration to the latest version which supports eBay Taxonomy API. Extend update period in case it has expired.

Category Mapping

  • Automatically map categories from Store Manager to eBay ones. If you need to change category associations re-assign them manually.

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Manage multiple WooCommerce stores

Product Export Options

  • Select products to be exported to eBay from Store Manager products list.

  • Pick desired auction region for your products.

  • Assign necessary fields to your products i.e. tittle, description, weight, images and other product’s features.

  • Choose text to be used in products descriptions.

  • Combine product fields with formulae to provide better product presentation (textual and numerical combinations are available).

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Create order reports

Auction Settings Adjustments

  • Choose auction type.

  • Set auction price formula.

  • Specify auction start and end date.

  • Select from the variety of payment methods.

  • Choose shipping options.

eBay Auction Settings

Posting Results Control

  • Control the posting process to eBay and view posting results right in the addon.

  • Anytime you want to change or fix products info you can go back by pressing "Back" button.

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eBay Integration Addon brings multiple benefits to your business, since you economize time when designating export settings, ensure accuracy and consistency of product export. You will find new customers and expand your revenue streams by selling your products worldwide.

NOTE: Addon requires Store Manager for WooCommerce to be installed.


By eMagicOne

eBay Integration for WooCommerce Reviews

4.6666666666667 3

Awesome for me

5 ★★★★★
Convenient and the speed of publishing is higher than in other modules I've tried so far.


5 ★★★★★
This addon meets my minimal requirements for creating product listings, I'm satisfied.

Save a lot of time & money

4 ★★★★☆
They have very good integration and good support.
I wish they would have integration with Etsy and better price. They also don't have software for Mac
It's worth a try. I use Woocommerce, Ebay and I started a shop on Etsy. It can be really difficult to manage everything so automating some of the process can be a big plus.
I use Woocommerce and Ebay. For that reason, WooCommerce Store Manager can be a time saver. Anyway, since I am not making a big amount of sales every month, I would still have a problem to afford WooCommerce Store Manager