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WooCommerce Export

  • Export to xls, xlsx (excel), csv, pdf, png, etc
  • Export products, tags, attributes, customers/users, orders
  • Export any data using custom reports
  • Free support via phone, chat or e-mail (reply within 24 business hours)

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What Data Can be Exported?

Store Manager functionality enables export of all basic WooCommerce entities to a range of file formats including .csv, .xsl, xslx, pdf etc. You can save export configuration and use it for further exports.

Check what kind of WooCommerce data can be exported below.


All product types (simple, grouped, variable, external/affiliate) with its associated information, prices, images, content data and relations (coming soon).


It is possible to export atributes and related values is the easiest way to allow your customers customizing their purchase, so it is good to have an ability to add custom options for all products at once (coming soon).

Customers and Users

You can have all of your your customer details exported to CSV for further use in mailing clients or for other purposes. It is possible to accomplish custom exports by selecting specific customer data fields to be exported.

Additional Options

Store Manager provides the ability to make any modifications to the file on the fly, according to your specific rules or needs, basically all the alterations are possible – coming soon. Set up scheduled export on regular basis with one-time payment (no recurring payments for further export) – coming soon.

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WooCommerce Export FAQ

What are supported formats?

Basic export can be performed right from grid into excel file, or csv file with the help of handy export wizards. Additional formats are supported using Reports section, including pdf, png, csv, text or any other available format. In case you have doubts, contact us for free consultations!

Can I perform export on my own?

Yes, you can setup everything on your own and if any questions occur, you can ask support for help with export settings by filling the contact form above. Saved export settings can be used for further export without any additional fees (except one-time payment for product license if you need export over 14 days of free trial period).

Do you need any examples?

Yes, we need an example of the file you would like to get as a result when ordering report or export service.

Can export be scheduled / regular / automated?

Yes, any specific time can be scheduled to ensure smooth performance of your store. In case you perform export on your own, no regular fees are charged. In case you need us to export the file on a regular basis, minimal fees are charged to cover server resources used for scheduled export.

What Tool are you using for export?

We use Store Manager for WooCommerce – new experience store management or inventory update. Free 14-days trial version available.

Can I play around in Store Manager without making changes to my store products? Is it safe?

Yes, you can use default database right after installation of Store Manager and play around without applying changes to your store. Once you setup everything, you will be able to save settings and perform same initial products export or inventory update on your live store.

Do you offer export service?

Yes, we offer service for additional fee. It means that we will do all the job for you and send you all settings so you could use them in future.

Do you need any access?

If you export data on your own, we do not need any access details, though you will need your FTP access to connect and generate files for you with the help of Store Manager for WooCommerce. In case you would like us to give you a hand, we need your FTP access details.

Where can I find terms of pre-paid service?

Pre-paid service terms can be found here – http://emagicone.com/service-level-agreement/

Do you provide refunds?

Yes, we provide 30-days money back guarantee for our software (Store Manager and Automated Product Export). As for service, you can stop in the middle of the way until the service is provided completely and the funds will be returned as well. Pre-paid service is non-refundable once you confirm that all is done correctly. IF you are not satisfied with results, or in case of chargeback, we have the right to undo or comment all changes that were made on your site. Also note that we do offer free trial version of Store Manager and free 10 items demo export before any payments are made.

Why do I need to use Store Manager (free version) or your tech service?

We have over 100 000 happy active users. We support more than 10 shopping carts this far. Qualified tech engineers will assist you, no matter how complicated it is, how many specific rules you want to apply or how much you know about Shopping Carts. That is why you should try us.