ICEcat Product Catalogue Integration for WooCommerce – Store Manager Addon

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ICEcat Product Catalogue Integration allows you to synchronize your WooCoomerce product names, descriptions and images with ICEcat

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ICEcat Integration Addon for WooCommerce allows you to update product listings with detailed specifications and images taken from ICEcat, leading content provider, and respectively build remarkable WooCommerce product catalog.

This Store Manager extension ensures quick integration with worldwide unique product catalog, that comprises abundance of data sheets, accessible in multiple languages. You may register for free Open ICEcat product catalogue or paid FULL ICEcat that offer extended product database.

ICEcat Product Catalogue Integration Features:

  • Get Descriptive Product Specifications
  • Take short or long multilingual (more than 30 languages) product descriptions from ICEcat
  • Get High-Quality Product Images
  • Load product image thumbnails
  • Receive Regular Updates
  • Receive daily updates of product descriptions and images
  • More Features Inside

You will find more options and possibilities that will make your work much more convenient and easy

What Will You Benefit From?

  • automatically update product catalog with minimum efforts spent
  • avoid mistakes in product descriptions getting already approved, high-quality ones
  • it is possible to quickly find necessary products at ICEcat using different product identifiers, namely ICEcat code, EAN Code, Product Code or Name
  • you have numerous product categories and manufacturers at disposal
  • save time getting product details from ICEcat, you won't have to waste time making up product descriptions or looking for proper product images

Don't waste time trying to craft decent product description yourself. Automate and enhance product updates, set high-quality pictures for merchandise, add the latest product specification and maintain up-to-date WooCommerce catalog

Product Requirements:

*You will need full ICEcat account to get access to complete product database. Open ICEcat offers limited number of product data-sheets.

NOTE: Addon requires Store Manager for WooCommerce

Invest in your business today to get more profit tomorrow!

By eMagicOne

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