WooCommerce Reporting and Analytics

  • Bestsellers, low stock products and other sales reports
  • Barcode Labels report for inventory management tracking
  • Orders Total report for avg check statistics
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WooCommerce Report Samples

Woocommerce Report

WooCommerce Analytics is the core factor of your future sales. You need to know the situation, check the reports regularly to make sure your strategy brings the best results for your future sales. Be aware of what your customers are looking for, how they act or how they will act in the future. Check the reports offered in Store Manager and find the one that helps you adjust your marketing plans or strategies in the best way.

Best Sellers (Best products)

Report shows you statistics of products that are most wanted by your customers. Keep an eye on the top selling products stock and make sure they are always available for sale. The best way to make sure they are always available is to get those products from multiple suppliers.

It is recommended to run this report at least once a month for high-tech products and at least once a quater for seasonal products to keep sales trends under fingerprints.

Customers Report

Report shows you customers list filtered by creation date. Export the list and use the data for your mailing strategies. Make sure to send mails to your customers at least 1 month after registration not to loose them. Once the customer is lost, you need to gain his/her attention like you're trying to bring a new customer.

New customers are much more expencive. Use your existing customers list and make them loyal. Make good offers on a regular basis and on multiple occasions.

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WooCommerce Report - Orders total

Orders Total

Report shows you all customer sales basing on time period. You can additionally calculate your average check and the way it is changed over time (yearly, seasonally, etc.) It is a must-have report for your marketing strategies. You know your average markup, so you can calcualte how much you can spend on each sale. Keeping it in mind and making calculations basing on average conversion rate, you can plan your paid ads budgets (ppc, ppi, ppo).

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Sales by date

Sales by date report is useful when analysing last month /week sales. It shows you the number of items and sales total basing on day-to-day activity. You can analyse how your last offer boost your sales or check the work of sales team within short period of time.

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WooCommerce Report - Barcode labels

Barcode Labels

In case you have brick-and-mortar store and you want to arrange your inventory management with your internal codes and not use mpn codes, this report is for you.

Generate barcode labels for your products, print them and stick to your goods. You will be able to scan the code and add product to the order easily.

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Product list by categories

In case you need the whole list of products printed for your sale agents, partners or other purpose, use Product list by categories report. You will get a list of products, their SKU (if available), quantity, current price in printable format.

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* If you cannot see all the above reports in your WooCommerce Store Manager, please make sure to update it to the latest version or contact us for details - contact@woocommerce-manager.com

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WooCommerce Report FAQ

Can I check available reports?

Yes, you can check reports available in Store Manager installing free trial version of the app. Once installed, just go to Store -> Reports -> General reports and check the list of reports available at the moment.

Can I request custom report development? It is free?

Yes, you can request any general report that can be useful for everyone (without any attribute filtering or other specific requirements) free of charge. Such report can be developed at low cost or even free of charge and will be included in Store Manager application in future versions.
Otherwise you will need custom report that can be made on the basis of your very specific needs. No limits, except of the cases when the information is not recorded in database. Fill in the form with your requirements at woocommerce-manager.com/product/advanced-report-development/ to check estimates.

What format can I get report in? (Can I save report into file?)

You can save generated report into any file format - XLS (Excel), CSV, PDF, GIF and any other available format.

Is it possible to send an e-mail with report results to me or my boss?

This feature is not available yet, but we're working on it. Currently you can save report into file and attach it in the e-mail.

Can I request changes of existing report?

Yes, we can update previously ordered report, but we need you to send us a template. Just contact us and our techs will guide you through the process.

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