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Do More Than You Could Ever Imagine

with Store Manager for WooCommerce

Use ChatGPT for your WooCommerce

  • Write short or long descriptions witht the help of ChatGPT from Open AI.

  • Append information to existing product description with AI-generated texts.

  • Translate data into multiple languages with AI.

  • Perform any other scenario.

  • Request any other feature and get your scenario implemented free of charge.

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Extra addons

Make Import Flexible Than Ever

  • Upload WooCommerce products from CSV / XML / XLS / XLSX file.

  • Import from different file sources (local file, HTTP or FTP URL to file, Google Sheets).

  • No requirements to file. Apply changes or missing data on the fly.

  • Perform Automated product upload on schedule.

  • Modify data on the fly using SQL expressions.

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Bypass data malfunctions

Downright Product&Category Management

  • Perform basic and mass changes over WooCommerce goods and categories.

  • Assign multiple categories to product(s) at a time.

  • Export/import product-related data: variables, images from URLs, prices, descriptions, custom fields etc.

  • Generate images meta data along with their upload.

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Extra addons

Orders Management and POS

  • Export orders to Excel/.csv file.

  • Print invoices and receipts for multiple orders at once.

  • Import orders from .csv file format.

  • Create orders with POS for physical stores, barcode scanner support included

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Bypass data malfunctions

Sell within Several Stores

  • Manage WooCommerce multisite with Store Manager application.

  • Connect and administrate unlimited number of stores conveniently switching between them.

  • Update catalog in any website and transfer data between them.

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Create Order Reports

  • Use ready-made reports or customize them depending on your requirements.

  • Check sales by date or product.

  • Collect customers data, orders total or product list by categories. Create barcode labels, invoice or receipts.

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Create order reports

Bypass Data Malfunctions

  • Take advantage of database backup and restore.

  • Work with the database locally with the possibility to cancel the unwanted changes.

  • Work with Store Diagnostics tool to control website images, SEO and common issues with the possibility to quickly fix them.

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Bypass data malfunctions

Extra Addons

  • Create lookbooks and flyers with PDF Catalog Creator.

  • Use Automated Products Import for scheduled product uploads.

  • Integrate your store with eBay and Amazon sales channels.

  • Administrate accounting with QuickBooks addon.

  • Enrich items with descriptions and images from ICEcat Catalog.

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Extra addons

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