Store Manager for WooCommerce

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WooCommerce Command Center for your Business

Automatically update inventory, customers, orders, and other data across multiple sales channels, and suppliers with Store Manager for Woocommerce - your central business point.
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Tasks You Can Accomplish At Lightning Speed

Operations Over Products

Product Management

Add, edit, delete, clone, copy different types of goods. Export and import merchandise, update product-related details having 2 columns in the file. Setup cron tasks with the help of built-in automated addons. Upload catalog from various file formats and locations.

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WooCommerce Categories Management

Categories Administration

Create, modify, and delete categories one by one or in bulk, manage sort order, perform export and upload, update details manually or using import.

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WooCommerce Users Management

Users Update

Create, edit, delete users or user groups one by one or massively. Import and export users, renew customer-related data.

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Order Management and POS

Add, edit, delete, filter sales and related info. Export and import orders. Generate invoice and print receipts via thermal printer. Use the Point of Sale system to create orders for brick and mortar stores a barcode scanner. Create reports with the possibility of customization.

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Reporting & Predictable Analytics

Additional Data Manipulations

Manage WooCommerce multistore from one location, perform database backup and restore, perform mass changes over entities, diagnose and troubleshoot website issues, integrate catalog with sales channels and accounting system and much more.

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WooCommerce Integrations

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IceCat for WooCommerce
PDF for WooCommerce

Store Manager translated into multiple languages

Go Mobile

Work happens around the clock and you never know when you have an order to process or a customer to contact. With a native Android application, you’ll always be able to work from your mobile device or tablet, be informed about your sales with push notifications, see order status changes by tracking numbers, get statistics, react quickly on things critical to your business.Get WooCommerce Mobile Assistant
Get WooCommerce Mobile Assistant