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Store Manager for WooCommerce v. – Import Amazon Orders

Great news for WooCommerce store owners!

Official version of Store Manager for Woocommerce v. with new enhancements has just rolled out.

Detailed release notes can be accessed from the list below.


  • The new version of Amazon addon brings its users the possibility to import orders made on the marketplace to WooCommerce store. Also, starting from this version, uses can work with Canada and Mexico marketplaces.

  • Import WooCommerce Orders from Amazon
    Import WooCommerce Orders from Amazon

    Import Amazon Orders Window
    Import Amazon Orders Window


  • From now on, users can generate a title for an existing product image based on the product name in Media Library.

  • An “Email” column has been added to the orders grid. Now, users can search orders by customer’s email.

  • eBay Integration has been renewed to version with the possibility to export images for variable products to the marketplace.


  • Image adding to the product has been fixed. Now, pictures are not marked as unattached after they were ascribed to WooCommerce products.

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