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Store Manager for WooCommerce v. – ICEcat Addon

Great news for the WooCommerce store owners!

The new official version of Store Manager for WooCommerce has just been rolled out.

For a detailed list of enhancements please see the release notes below.


  • ICEcat Addon v. is now available in Store Manager.

  • With the addon, you can download product descriptions and images from the ICEcat product catalogue which contains thousands of brands and products with detailed high-quality descriptions and photos. Use Store Manager and ICEcat Addon to get accurate product descriptions and images for all your products at once!

    ICECat Addon in Store Manager for WooCommerce
    ICECat Addon is now available in Store Manager


  • WooCommerce v.4.0.0 is now supported.

  • An option to import/export products with custom fields has been added.

  • A new version of eBay Integration has been released. In the new version:
    • you can export products to eBay Motors
    • during the export of variable products to eBay their images will now be shown on the "Preview Export Data" step.
  • Amazon Integration has been updated to v. It includes a new option to send messages to the customers from the Order Management section.

  • To be able to send messages you should:

    • define email settings in the Store Manager Preferences window
    • add your email address to the messaging permissions list in your Amazon Seller Central account.

    Then you can create a template and send a message with the packing slip or other order info to a client:

    Send Message from Amazon Addon
    Send Message Feature in the Amazon Integration
  • A field to add a comment to the order while creating it in POS has been added:

  • A Field to Add Comment to the Order in POS
    A Field to Add Comment to the Order in POS in Store Manager
  • The export of product attributes has been accelerated.

  • The interface of the Store Diagnostics tool has been optimized.

  • It is possible to import images for categories from the URL.

  • In the product grid, it is now possible to assign existing text attribute values to a product.


  • Now the decimal symbol in Store Manager is displayed in the same format as it is set in the Windows settings “Change date, time, or number formats.

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