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Store Manager for WooCommerce v. – Updated Amazon Integration

Great news for the WooCommerce store owners!

The new version of Store Manager for WooCommerce has just been rolled out.

For detailed list of enhancements please see the release notes below.


  • Amazon Integration has been updated to version Now you can add products not sold on Amazon to more categories.

  • As you know, Amazon Integration helps to create listings for the products that exist on Amazon. In other words, you map products from your store to the existing products.

    In some cases, when you sell unique or handmade products without identifiers you need a possibility to add them as new. Earlier, Amazon Addon offered such possibility for one category - "Software". Many of you asked to extend the list of supported categories. And we did it! Starting from Amazon Integration v. you can also add products not sold on Amazon in the following categories: Women's Fashion, Men's Fashion, Girls' Fashion, Boys' Fashion, Clothing, Shoes, Jewelry

    When you add a product into one of the listed categories there appears a window to specify product options:

    Amazon Integration Add Custom Product
    Adding a New Product in the Amazon Integration

  • Now Store Manager creates Order Notes when a product is added/removed from an order and when order status is changed (as in the native WordPress admin):

  • WooCommerce Order Notes
    Order Notes Tab Added in Store Manager for WooCommerce
  • The updated Store Manager is optimized for generating a large number of variations with different attributes.


  • An issue with connecting to a store with a large number of attributes on bridge connection has been fixed.

  • In the ICEcat addon, the number of products that can be uploaded from the store to the addon (to be mapped with the data from the catalog) is now limited to 30,000 one-time.

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