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Store Manager for WooCommerce v. – Custom SQL Scripts in PDF Catalog Creator

The new version of Store Manager for WooCommerce is here. It offers a new feature, some enhancements, and fixes.


  • In the PDF Catalog Creator, it is now possible to use custom SQL scripts for selecting products by certain criteria (e.g., to create a catalog with variable products).

  • WooCommerce PDF Creator Custom SQL Script
    Use custom SQL scripts in WooCommerce PDF catalog creator

    If you want to add some custom fields to your catalog and need assistance, please contact our support engineers. Send your request to contact@emagicone.com


  • In the Products Import Wizard, the automated mapping of CSV columns to the database fields has been improved. Now, if units of measurement in the file coinсide with those specified in the store database, or if units of measurement are not specified in the CSV, the fields are mapped automatically.

  • A new Bridge v.7.77 that allows executing large SQL queries on the servers with limits has been released.

  • The Connection Wizard now automatically detects the website’s protocol (HTTP/HTTPS). Also, if WooCommerce is not activated in the WordPress installation, a new warning message “Unknown Cart Type” appears.


  • Fixed an issue when the sale price, though deleted, was exported with the “0” value during the product export.

  • In the Store Diagnostics Tool, checking for “Invisible products (URL is not correct)” now works correctly.

  • Fixed an issue with autotasks not starting if store connection is not active (another store connection is selected).

  • Corrected an error when after adding a new attribute and pressing “Apply” the grid showed the “No data to display” message.

  • An issue with the correct storage of the serialized array in custom fields has been fixed.

  • The display of the context menu for products has been optimized.

  • Added eBay Integration v. in which fixed the following issues: logging into the eBay account; showing duplicate specific options in the drop-down; prices updated on eBay though the price update option is inactive. On the Select Category Setting step, specific option names containing a space are now displayed correctly.

  • (The addon’s version is compatible with Store Manager v. and higher.)

  • ICEcat Integration v. now correctly searches products by UPC.

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