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Store Manager for WooCommerce v. – WooCommerce v.5.4 Support Added

Good news for the WooCommerce store owners!

An updated Store Manager for WooCommerce v. is available for download. In the new version, we've added support for WooCommerce v.5.4 and made some improvements to the functionality and design.


  • Store Manager now supports WooCommerce v.5.4

  • Released Bridge v.7.79 and Woocommerce Connector v.1.0.12 to correct an issue with connecting to stores with enabled debug mode.

  • The updated Bay Integration v. works with the new eBay API. Also, it’s now possible to use zero value for parameter Handling Time.

  • Store Manager now allows editing product price for orders with statuses On Hold and Pending Payment (like in WooCommerce admin). Order total recalculates after editing.

  • In the Order Items tab, columns Variation Attributes and Discount have been added.

  • WooCommerce Store Manager Order Items Attributes Discount
    Variation Attributes and Discount columns added

  • Updated QuickBooks Integration to v. for better work with a WooCommerce store database if a custom prefix is used.

  • Added PDF Creator v. with new templates and some internal fixes.

  • If the import file contains a space before or after the record in the Product Type field, Store Manager removes the space to import products correctly.

  • In the Preferences, for the Direct Connection over SSH option a checkbox Same as Database host has been added.

  • WooCommerce Store Manager Preferences Direct Same Host
    Option Same as database host added

  • In the Import/Export Wizards, Backup and Restore Wizard, Connection Wizard, the Help button was moved from top to bottom.

  • Data in the sandbox database has beed updated.

  • Corrected misspelling in the description of Woocommerce Store Manager Connector, in the Preferences.

  • Corrected the alignment of text and numerical values in the grids.

  • Made some other small improvements to the design and interface of Store Manager.


  • Store Manager now allows you to add quotation characters to the product SKU.

  • Added fixes for Amazon Integration autotasks to run correctly.

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