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Store Manager for WooCommerce v. – Import/Export of Reviews and Comments

Excellent news for the WooCommerce store owners!

An updated Store Manager for WooCommerce v. is available for download. In the new version, we've added a possibility to import and export comments and reviews and made a number of improvements. Review all the changes below and download the new version!


  • Import/Export of reviews and comments. We've enhanced comments and review management with the import/export capabilities. Now, with the help of Store Manager you can upload comments from external websites like marketplaces and review websites to your store. Using the export tool you can save comments to a file for analyses or for the upload to your CRM, email, and other services.
  • To access the import/export tool, go to Catalog > Comments. Here, on the toolbar select the import or export operation.

    Comments and Reviews Import/Export

    Also, you can set up the grid with comments and reviews and export data from the grid choosing the desired file format:

    WooCommerce Store Manager Comments Customize Grid
    Customize the Comments Grid View

    WooCommerce Store Manager Comments Grid Export
    Export Comments Grid to a File


  • WooCommerce v.5.6 support has been added.

  • Images in .webp format are now supported.

  • Added Amazon Integration v. In the new version: category tree for all marketplaces is updated, new product types WALLPAPER, SOFA and HOME, HOME_IMPROVEMENT, AUTO_ACCESSORY are supported.

  • Store Manager now supports product names with arabic and yiddish symbols and correctly generates slug and URL for these products.

  • If a featured image is not set and several images are added via drag&drop, the first image is automatically set as featured.

  • After deleting category(s) in the grid, the focus is set on the nearest category after the one that was removed.

  • In Preferences, removed a database connection option “Direct connection through HTTP tunnel”.

  • In the Orders grid, captions for Add, Edit, Delete buttons were updated.

  • In Mass Changer, the alignment of numerical and text values in the grid preview was corrected.


  • In the Products grid, fixed filtering by Stock Status.

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