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Store Manager for WooCommerce v. – WPML Plugin (Beta) and Taxonomy eBay API Support

Excellent news for the WooCommerce store owners!

An updated Store Manager for WooCommerce v. is available for download. Review all the changes below and download the new version!


  • WPML (WordPress Multilingual Plugin) partial support has been added. In this version, the following functionality is available in Store Manager:
    • Language selector.
    • Data displayed in different languages.

    • WooCommerce Store Manager MPML support
      MPML plugin options added to Store Manager

    • Possibility to edit translations of products, categories, tags, attributes, shipping classes.
    • Upon creating/importing products, categories, tags, attributes, shipping classes, they will be automatically added to the default language.
    • In orders, a currency sign is now displayed.


  • WooCommerce v.6.0 is now supported.

  • A new identification “Content” field is now available in the comments import wizard.

  • A button to show/hide a password while adding a new customer has been added.

  • PDF Creator v. has been released. The new version has got a renewed interface and a new option to choose quality presets (low, minimum, high, maximum). Also, compression of the PDF file has been optimized.
  • Here is how the updated wizard looks like:

    WooCommerce PDF Creator
    Updated WooCommerce PDF Creator

  • In the eBay Integration v., new eBay API and Taxonomy API is now implemented.

  • In the eBay Integration v., we've fixed issue with assigning multiple values to the item specifics upon product export.

    Updating your eBay Integration to v. is a necessity, as starting April 30, 2022 eBay will only support new Taxonomy API.

  • In QuickBooks Integration v., a possibility to push transactions for the invoice syncing has been added.


  • Product prices with a European decimal separator are now displayed correctly.

  • Fixed issue with adding custom fields to multiple selected products.

  • Fixed issue when while importing customers their orders wouldn’t import.

  • Fixed issue when after copying a variable product, adding a new product wouldn’t work.

  • Eliminated issue when after a review approval, the product’s rating was decreased.

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