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Store Manager for WooCommerce v. – WooCommerce Multisite Support

Great news for WooCommerce store owners!

Official version of Store Manager for Woocommerce with new features has just rolled out.

Detailed release notes can be accessed from the list below.



    • WooCommerce Multisite support has been added in current release of Store Manager.

    • Release v.
      Release v.


    • WooCommerce v.3.5.4 support has been added and now, users who work with the mentioned version of the plugin can use Store Manager for website management.

    • New version of Bridge file v.7.67 with minor fixes has been released.

    • Renewed WooCommerce Store Manager Connector module v.1.0.6 has been added.


    • An incorrect display of the “Featured” option in product grid has been corrected.

    • Previously, Store Manager deleted newline characters from Description and Short Description text when refreshing them in the application. Now, this inconvenience is fixed.

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