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Store Manager for WooCommerce v. – WooCommerce v.7.0.0 Support

Great news for the WooCommerce users! Store Manager for WooCommerce v. is here. The new version supports the latest WooCommerce version and offers a number of improvements. Check what the new version brings to you and update your Store Manager!


  • Store Manager now supports WooCommerce v.7.0.0

  • In the Import Wizard, we’ve added options to handle product tags import: keep and update existing, add new from file or delete existing, add new from file.

  • WooCommerce Store Manager Product Import Tags

  • When a brand is assigned to a product via the Perfect Brands for WooCommerce plugin, the option “Is Primary” is now checked automatically.

  • Amazon Integration v. provides check of product status while publishing products to Amazon. If a product is not active, 0 (zero) quantity is published. Also, the integration comes with improved logic of restrictions according to the Amazon Selling Partner API.

  • PDF Catalog Creator v. improvements:
    • Template groups can now have their background color, font, and image.

    • New templates that support background, font, and image settings for a group.

    • Fast Report component is updated and image format changed to SVG. Users are recommended to check if their custom templates are displayed correctly.

    • Sorting of groups via drag&drop is optimized.

    • The display of the progress bar showing how products are added to a catalog is fixed.

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  • Fixed issue when after moving the Edit Variations window on the screen and trying to edit a variation field, the window would jump to the initial position.

  • Fixed issue when while importing images from ICEcat for three and more products, image duplicates were created.

  • In the Import Wizard, fixed the display of database fields that would hide after moving a column and resizing the wizard window.

  • For the stores using the Connector type of database connection, fixed issue when images without an extension wouldn’t upload.

  • Fixed issue when after deleting a product with a SKU and creating a new product with the same SKU, the SKU wouldn’t assign to the new product.

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