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Store Manager for WooCommerce – WooCommerce 7.1.0 Support

Great news for the WooCommerce users! Store Manager for WooCommerce v. is here. The new version supports WooCommerce 7.1.0, offers an improvement to the ICEcat addon and some other improvements and fixes. Check what the new version brings to you and update your Store Manager!


  • WooCommerce v.7.1.0 is now supported.

  • Now upon updating products from ICEcat, their features and values are added as attributes. Below you can see how product specifications from ICEcat (first picture) are added to WooCommerce as attributes (second picture):

    WooCommerce Store Manager ICEcat Import as Arrtibutes

    WooCommerce Store Manager ICEcat Arrtibutes Created

  • In this version of Store Manager, we've optimized moving products to another category through drag and drop in stores with large databases and WPML plugin.

  • Mass update of variations in stores with large databases and WPML plugin has also been optimized.

  • In stores using WPML plugin, a shipping class selected for a product is now automatically set for all the translations of this product.

  • In eBay Integration v., the issue with creating a new configuration in stores without WPML plugin has been fixed.

  • In ICEcat Integration v., we fixed the issue with displaying description of an updated product if the description contains features.

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  • In stores with WPML plugin, fixed issue with creating product categories and shipping classes after using the multi editing feature.

  • Fixed issue with not being able to enter a 4 digit number in the Regular Price and Sale Price variation fields.

  • Fixed the issue when a hint related to product variations would display for simple products.

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