Store Manager for WooCommerce v. – WooCommerce Variable Product Support, Cross- and Up-Sells Import, Tax Class and Tax Status Import

Great news for WooCommerce store owners!

Public version of Store Manager for Woocommerce with new features and enhancements has just rolled out.

Detailed release notes can be accessed from the list below.

Store Manager for WooCommerce Features:

  • WooCommerce variable product support has been added. Now you can manage product variations via Store Manager for WooCommerce;
  • WooCommerce cross-sell and up-sell product import feature has been added. Now you can instantly assign cross-sells/up-sells to desired products.


  • Tax Status and Tax Class fields have been added to WooCommerce Store Manager import wizard. Now you can import these details with this WooCommerce application;
  • Product taxes support has been added in this release of Store Manager for WooCommerce;
  • Downloadable product management improvements (possibility to add Download Limit, Download Expiry, Download Type) have been implemented in this Store Manager release;
  • "Refresh" button has been added to attribute value dropdown of certain WooCommerce product;
  • Now you can import Grouping product to Simple one, identifying its by SKU.


  • Some category import fixes have been implemented to Store Manager.

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