Store Manager for WooCommerce Business Package, 1 Primary License + 3 Additional Licenses, 6 Addons


Store Manager for WooCommerce Business Package has been designed for handling mid-sized or large WooCommerce business. It includes 1 Primary License + 3 Additional Licenses (2 Seats), Store Manager addons, and 6 months of free updates.

Store Manager for WooCommerce is an advanced e-commerce solution with comprehensive functional capabilities meant to refine data manipulations and improve overall store handling.

This application will come to the assistance and help you organize business in efficient way.

Store Manager for WooCommerce Business Package Features (4 Seats):

  • Support of all WooCommerce product type - simple (virtual/downloadable), variable, grouped, external/affiliate products
  • Comprehensive product handling - create, modify and remove products, use flexible product filters and search
  • Bulk product update available - change price, description, category, tags and other details for multiple records at once
  • Import products to WooCommerce from CSV, TXT, XLS/XLSX, ODS, ZIP, XML files
  • Export products and related details to CSV via export wizard or rely on grid export and transfer data to HTML, XML, TXT, XLS/XLSX files
  • Convenient category management - add, modify or delist categories
  • Arrange site imagery - upload new images to WooCommerce products, set feature image or remove product pictures
  • Accomplish database backup
  • Access Management at your disposal, add employee accounts and configure rights for them
  • Custom SQL for enhanced data management
  • Raw Table Editor for quick database fields access
  • Quick Connection Switch option - connect to necessary store simply choosing respective store configuration from the drop-down
  • Dockable window support
  • Store Manager addons at your disposal

For Windows Users:

Store Manager is a native Windows application and supports multiple features that all Windows users are used to.

Store Manager supports Windows Vista / Windows 8 / Windows 8ю1 / Windows 10 / Windows 11 (both 32 and 64 bit)

Store Manager can be installed on Windows server to be accessible from multiple places via remote desktop.

For MAC Users:

Store Manager requires Windows installed through Boot Camp. You can find more detials at:

Official Apple Website

For Linux Users:

For Linux users we recommend VirtualBox and Windows installation. Please note, this does reduce the performance of Store Manager software. You can get more information at: http://www.virtualbox.org

Server Requirements:

Store Manager requires database connection to work with data. Each of connection types has its requirements as well as advantages. You can choose the one you need on the first startup. Also our tech engineers will gladly assist you in the process free of charge. Please contact us and provide us your FTP access details and we'll configure the one that will best suit your needs.