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Take Advantage Of WooCommerce eBay Integration

Having a WooCommerce store, merchant’s constant desire is to increase sales and make his client base grow all the time. Therefore, site owner resorts to different ways to achieve this goal and eBay is one of the most popular online shopping giants to take advantage of for it. This sales marketplace is a great opportunity for seller to spread his merchandise listings, making them available all over the world, that gives the high probability to acquire more potential customers. eBay is represented not only in a form of the auction but also, allows to trade goods for a fixed price, that gives entrepreneur the possibility to make business more elastic.

Consequently, the question arises where to find that tool that’ll help to spread merchandize on eBay marketplace with no efforts and saving time. Store Manager for WooCommerce eBay Integration addon that is already built in the software, will help you out with such purpose, making product and orders management fast, convenient and errorless.

Important! Please note that eBay limits the number of free monthly listings. Therefore, if you perform sample export from Store Manager to eBay we recommend you to do it with 1 product (or few products). Thus you will be able to test the addon and avoid exhausting your free seller limit.

Take Advantage Of WooCommerce eBay Integration
Take Advantage Of WooCommerce eBay Integration

How Can WooCommerce eBay Integration Be Useful For Online Merchant?

There are lots of benefits, store owner can take advantage of handling goods and sales with eBay Integration addon, including the following:

  • export product listings via the addon from the corresponding section of Store Manager or right from the product grid with the possibility to select and carry out the needed ones;

  • create multiple configurations and perform basic operations over them;

  • automatic process that replaces manual work and ensures errorless export;

  • link WooCommerce goods to the items on eBay;

  • map website categories to the ones, that exist on the marketplace automatically or manually;

  • specify items’ status: new or used;

  • setup export methods and options;

  • insert price formulae;

  • determine the start and end dates of the auction of offered WooCommerce items;

  • manage payment, shipping and return policies at the step of export;

  • synchronize products price, quantity, stock status and description between WooCommerce and eBay;

  • make the synchronization process automatic - create the task and add it to scheduler, specifying period of time it has to be performed;

  • import WooCommerce orders from eBay flexibly, specifying import options;

  • check detailed activity logs of recently performed operations via WooCommerce eBay Integration.

With Store Manager for WooCommerce eBay Integration, store owner will save tons of time, making website’s integration with this giant sales channel easy and convenient, making his business available globally.

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