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How to Change Store Manager Interface Language

Powerful and comprehensive functionality of Store Manager for WooCommerce keeps on attracting WooCommerce online merchants from around the world. For the application to be easily perceived and operated, it has been translated into numerous languages.

If you have installed Store Manager on your computer, but English language (that is default language of the program) brings you a lot of misunderstandings, you can change it to your native tongue.

How to Install a Language File?

In order to change the application interface language, first check the list of languages it has been translated to and make sure that your language is included there.

How to Download WooCommerce Language File
How to Download WooCommerce Language File

Once Store Manager supports your language, start the application and reach Preferences by pressing F12 or via Settings>>Preferences. Open 'Localization' section and click on download button next to your language and press OK.

Changing WooCommerce Store Manager Language in Localization Settings
Changing WooCommerce Store Manager Language in Localization Settings

In a few seconds all buttons, options and functions of the program will be translated into the selected language. The indicated percentage displays the volume of translation project done.

Store Manager Is Still Not Translated Into My Language

If you have not found your language in the list of supported languages or the translation work done is too small, you are welcome to take part in our translation project and quicken the process. Basing on the translation scope accomplished, you as a translator will get a bonus.

Store Manager team strives to make the program maximally customizable and usable for WooCommerce store owners from every corner of the world. In case you decided to join our translation team, please read the translation terms and conditions outlined at WooCommerce Store Manager Translation Project guides.

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