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Store Manager for WooCommerce v. Beta – WPML Plugin, WooCommerce v.6.0 Support

Great news for the WooCommerce store owners!

Store Manager for WooCommerce v. Beta has been released. In this Beta version, we've added partial support of the WPML (WordPress Multilingual Plugin), the top-voted feature on our customer support forum. Review all the changes below and download the new version!

If this version isn't available for download in your Store Manager, that means you are not registered as a Beta tester and you do not have access to Beta releases. Contact support team at contact@emagicone.com to get the Beta tester status and download the latest Beta version of the software with the WPML feature. Note, your "Support and Update" service period has to be active for you to get access to both public and Beta versions.


  • WPML (WordPress Multilingual Plugin) partial support has been added. In this version, the following functionality of the plugin has been added to Store Manager:
    • Language selector.
    • Data displayed in different languages.

    • WooCommerce Store Manager MPML Support
      MPML plugin options added to Store Manager

    • Possibility to edit translations of products, categories, tags, attributes, shipping classes.
    • Upon creating/importing products, categories, tags, attributes, shipping classes, they will be automatically added to the default language.
    • In the orders, a currency sign is now displayed.


  • WooCommerce v.6.0 is now supported.

  • PDF Creator v. has been released. The new version has got a renewed interface and new option to choose quality presets (low, minimum, high, maximum). Also, compression of the PDF file has been optimized.
  • Here is how the updated wizard looks like:

    WooCommerce to eBay export options
    Updated WooCommerce PDF Creator
    WooCommerce to eBay export options
    Updated WooCommerce PDF Creator
    WooCommerce to eBay export options
    Updated WooCommerce PDF Creator
    WooCommerce to eBay export options
    Updated WooCommerce PDF Creator
    WooCommerce to eBay export options
    Updated WooCommerce PDF Creator
    WooCommerce to eBay export options
    Updated WooCommerce PDF Creator

    Export Products Template

    This wizard step displays a list of eBay product fields and linked matching database fields.

    eBay export product template
    Check/edit eBay export product template

    To change or link other fields like EAN or UPC, right-click with the mouse and select a relevant database field from the list:

    eBay export template database fields
    Add WooCommerce database fields to the eBay export template

    Also, you can use the SQL Editor tool to add text, HTML tags, concatenate fields and other mass actions. For instance, you can add a call to action to the products’ descriptions using the following expression:

    eBay export template add expression
    Add an expression to the eBay export template

    When you’ve linked the fields, press Next.

    Preview export data

    This is the final step in the export wizard. Look through the product data that will be published to eBay. As you can see, there are several tabs there:

    • Description
    • Item specifics
    • Variations (because the sample item we’re exporting is a variable product with variations).

    If we were exporting simple products, there would be just description and item specifics tabs.

    eBay export preview
    Preview product details to be added to the eBay listing

    If everything looks good, press Export.


    Here you can see the result of the export. If any errors occurred, you’ll see the details and will be able to check the log files

    eBay export finish
    Finish export to eBay and view the results

    Here is how the products looks on eBay:

    WooCommerce product exported to eBay
    View the exported WooCommerce product on eBay

    The Bottom Line

    To sum it up, here is what you can do with the Store Manager’s eBay addon:

    • Export simple and variable products from WooCommerce to eBay
    • Use expressions (for instance, to make descriptions that stand out)
    • Automap categories or assign them manually
    • Save/upload export configurations
    • Export product descriptions, prices, images, sizes, colors, brands and other product details

    Try the addon yourself exporting up to 20 products from your WoCommerce store to the eBay listing for free!

    Export WooCommerce Products to eBay with Store Manager addon

    Try now FREE

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  • A new identification field “Content” is now available in the comments import wizard.

  • A button to show/hide a password while adding a new customer has been added.


  • Product prices with a European decimal separator are now displayed correctly.

  • Fixed issue with adding custom fields to multiple selected products.

  • Fixed issue when while importing customers their orders wouldn’t import.

  • Fixed issue when after copying a variable product, adding a new product wouldn’t work.

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