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How to Upload Images to WooCommerce From URLs

Need to import external images to WooCommerce? Store Manager for WooCommerce allows uploading images to Woocommerce using links to the external location. All you need is just to put the links to images into the import file.

Besides images, you can import / update all necessary product details in the same CSV.

How to Upload Images to WooCommerce From HTTP URLs?

For successful image upload, you need to primarily set up FTP connection. To do this, go to Preferences (F12) => FTP and specify the FTP details into the corresponding fields.

When FTP connection is set up, you can start configuring image import settings.

  1. First, you need to prepare the CSV file with image URLs. Input full http:/ link(s) into the product image column(s) and ensure to put the image format at the end. If you want to add a few images to one product, insert the URLs into the field and separate them with a delimiter.

  2. Go to 'Store' tab of Store Manager toolbar and select 'Products' section. After that Press the 'Import data' button.

  3. Select the delimiters to separate fields data. You can preview the file by pressing the corresponding button to check how it will look with the selected separators.

  4. Choose the way to identify your products: by SKU or by ID.

  5. Select the attribute to identify your products by

    On the same step link database fields to CSV columns using the source fields dropdowns.

    Assign database fields to csv columns

    In case you want to apply an expression during the import, launch Expression Editor tool by pressing the 'Edit' button.

    Apply expressions during WooCommerce external images import

  6. Select product import method:

  7. Select import method to upload external images to WooCommerce

    • Add and Modify - add new products and update existing ones
    • Add only - only add new goods and do not update existing ones
    • Modify only - only update existing products
    • Just add - just add new products and do not search for existing

    Click on 'Show advanced options' button to get more image-related options:

    Open advanced options to configure image import settings

    • Multiple values separator - specify what delimiter to use if you want to insert a couple of values into the same field (e.g. links to a few images)
    • What do we do if image with the same name exists on FTP? - tell Store Manager what to do with the images with the same name existing on your FTP.

    You can preview data and let Store Manager check if there are any errors.

  8. If there are no problems with the CSV, press 'Import' button.

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