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WooCommerce Customer Import

WooCommerce customer import is the fastest way to add or update information on your users and maintain their accounts in bulk, which saves your effort and time you could spend manually adding user information. If you need to move your customer list from one platform to another, old to new WooCommerce store or want to have unified customer base with online and offline shoppers, import via Store Manager for WooCommerce will work the best for these situations without any data loss.

This user-friendly software is efficient with imports to be done in a big batch, as importer allows you to upload hundreds or even thousands of users details using one file offline and then sync. It is possible to merge, update or create new customers.

Preparing CSV for WooCommerce Customer Import

You might have customer lists stored somewhere in spreadsheet you used for mailing lists or customers who purchased goods via call center. With Store Manager for WooCommerce it is extremely easy to map the data from your CSV file to the appropriate сustomer fields in WooCommerce. That is what basically file of any type should fit.

To update existing user base the easiest way is export, that is also available in Store Manager for WooCommerce. In this case format of columns will be automatically recognized and mapped during import.

Export WooCommerce Customers Data from Store Manager
Export WooCommerce Customers Data from Store Manager

Running WooCommerce Customer Import

Before beginning, make sure that you have database backup, so that you can put things back in case you need. Additionally to hosting backup you can do the one via Store Manager as well.

Database Backup Before WooCommerce Customers Import
Database Backup Before WooCommerce Customers Import

Once you have all your data ready in a nice CSV file, you can run import. To do so, find the corresponding option on customer toolbar or context menu appearing after you right-click at any user record.

Import WooCommerce Customers Option in Store Manager
Import WooCommerce Customers Option in Store Manager

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. At the first step select your import file location. You can import data from a variety of sources, such as a locally saved file, URL or FTP access with file path.

  2. WooCommerce Users Import File Selection in Store Manager
    WooCommerce Users Import File Selection in Store Manager

  3. Then you need to check if the software has detected the delimiter correctly. If not, you can change delimiter symbol and see result right away in the same window.

  4. WooCommerce Customers Import File Delimiters
    WooCommerce Customers Import File Delimiters

  5. Next, you’ll map the columns in your import to the appropriate WooCommerce database fields. As has been already mentioned, this lets you easily import almost any file format, as long as it contains the necessary information for import.

  6. WooCommerce Users Import Mapping Step
    WooCommerce Users Import Mapping Step

    You may notice that some custom fields are already recognized. This happens when column names are the same as WooCommerce headings. If you need to adjust your data, like merge cells, add missing details on-the-fly, you can use create special rule.

    Important! Select identification method that will be used as a basis for check-up detecting if new items are imported or they already exist in database.

  7. Selecting import method, you can opt to:
    • Modify only - which will update existing records if they match on the basis of selected criterion.
    • Add only - create data with each imported row and do not modify existing matches.
    • Add and Modify - combine above mentioned operations.
    • Just Add - will add all the lines from your CSV as new, even if the same already exist, as this type of import will not look for matches.

    Import Method During WooCommerce Users Upload
    Import Method During WooCommerce Users Upload

  8. Press ‘Import’ and view the results page with procedure progress history.

WooCommerce Users Import Preview
WooCommerce Users Import Preview

In case you need to repeat the procedure often enough from the files of similar formats, you can save settings into configuration and save it for future uploads to save time on configuration.

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