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How to Print WooCommerce Receipts on Thermal Printer?

Ability to print WooCommerce receipts on thermal printer is an important part of a point of sale (POS) system, used by sellers who combine online and retail environments. By processing transactions and printing receipts on till printer, you can help minimize waiting time and improve the customer experience.

POS Receipts, Practically Anywhere

These receipts you can find in a supermarket, buying newspaper in a kiosk or taking to-go coffee in a cafeteria.

Comparing to regular invoices that are usually printed on A4 paper, printed out sales receipts are much more convenient and quicker solution for providing a customer a legal document on most vital transaction information, not getting deeper into too many details (like product description, images etc).

With Store Manager for WooCommerce, receipts on thermal printer will be ready in a matter of seconds! The application is designed to be feasible for store owners with different needs, allowing to choose the format of invoice or receipt necessary.

Printing WooCommerce receipts on thermal printerm is as simple as 1-2-3. Let’s see how it works!

Make Sure Thermal Printer is Configured

In Store Manager for WooCommerce, press F12 to open Preferences window. Find there tab ‘Receipt Options’.

Check the box available there to enable receipts printing functionality. Select you version of the printer from the drop-down.

The application allows to print 58 or 80 mm width receipts. You can choose suitable option from ‘Receipt Format’ drop-down.

WooCommerce Receipt Printer Configuration in Store Manager
WooCommerce Receipt Printer Configuration in Store Manager

Print WooCommerce Receipts On Thermal Printer in Bulk

After all printer settings are checked, navigate to ‘Orders’ section. There you can filter out sales for which you need to print receipts.

When you have selected necessary orders, press the button ‘Receipt’.

Receipt Option in Store Manager for WooCommerce
Receipt Option in Store Manager for WooCommerce

You will see the numerous sales receipts generated right away. You can preview them, print or save to PDF.

The contents of the receipt is the following:

  • Shop name, address and site
  • Names of purchased goods listed as line items with price in front of each
  • Subtotals, totals, taxes and discounts
  • Date of receipt creation
  • Barcode
  • Text accompanying purchase

Generated Receipts for WooCommerce Orders
Generated Receipts for WooCommerce Orders

You can edit receipts one-by-one if you have noticed some data inconsistency or need, for example, to change text or fix typo in product name.

If you need to modify templates for all receipts, keep reading.

Edit Receipt Template

Each business has its own demand, that is why many of the users look for the way to change receipt format. Frequently it is necessary for them to change receipt title or add some info to it.

Normally, if you want to add these changes, you need to request customization service from our team and we will fulfill the desires of even very demanding clients. However, in case you have some tech skills, you can also play around and try to do it yourself.

For this, open the following directory on your PC:

C:\Users\%user%\AppData\Local\eMagicOne Store Manager for WooCommerce\Custom_Reports

There you will find various reports, including receipts. Open the folder with receipt name you need (58 or 80 mm).

WooCommerce Receipts Folder on the PC
WooCommerce Receipts Folder on the PC

To modify the appearance of template open the file with .fr3 extension. To add additional data to receipt, you need to work with SQL files.

Receipt Editing Form in Store Manager for WooCommerce
Receipt Editing Form in Store Manager for WooCommerce

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Terri's Ng
Terri's Ng • 07/23/2020

How do I add order number to this?

WooCommerce Store ManagerMod Terri's Ng • 07/23/2020


Thank you for your question.

It is possible to add order number to the template. This requires editing the template design and adding new SQL expression.

You can do it yourself editing the source file. (Find the file on your computer it as described in the article above). As it was mentioned in the article, changing the receipt template requires SQL skills.

If you want to outsource the task, you can order the assistance service https://woocommerce-manager.com/product/basic-assistance/, and our engineers will add order number for you and do other edits to the template. For this service contact us at contact@emagicone.com

Please don't hesitate to write if you have any further questions.

Akeem Neil
Akeem Neil • 09/05/2020

Can the receipt be printed automatically as an order is placed?

WooCommerce Store ManagerMod Akeem Neil • 09/07/2020

Hello Akeem, thank you for your question.

It is possible to print receipts in 1 click when creating an order via POS in Store Manager. For that, you need to enable receipt printing in the Preferences.

With everything set up, you just have to confirm receipt printing after creating an order:

If you need fully automated printing for both orders created from Store Manager via POS and from Admin and from strorefront (by customers online on your store), it is not available in Store Manager yet.

We consider adding automated printing of orders in the future. In that context, could you please provide some details on how you are going to use automated order printing:

  • What is your business and for what sort of tasks do you need automated order printing?
  • Do you want to print receipts for orders created via POS in Store Manager or also those created via the native WooCommerce admin panel?
  • How often will receipts be printed?

We'll greatly appreciate your answers. Please send them to contact@woocommerce-manager.com

Also, please vote for the feature to get notified when it is implemented: https://support.emagicone.com/295650-Add-option-to-print-invoices-automatically-once-the-order-it-received

Akmal • 02/04/2021

It doesn't print item attributes and variants but it prints only the item name in receipt. How can I add item variants on receipt?

WooCommerce Store ManagerMod Akmal • 02/05/2021

Hello Akmal, thank you for your question.

By default, Store Manager displays variant name on the receipt. It is possible to customize the receipt template to display variation name. Customization is made via the integrated FastReport tool and implies creating new SQL query.

WooCommerce Store Manager Editing Receipt

WooCommerce Store Manager Editing Receipt

WooCommerce Store Manager Editing Receipt

You can order the customization of receipt as a service. Please send your request to contact@emagicone.com. Our tech engineers will review your request, prepare a quote, and if it fits you, will customize the receipt.