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WooCommerce – How to Put Products on Sale

Running an online store with WooCommerce, you may need to put products on sale on a number of occasions: one-day hot sales, festive, seasonal, etc.

For basic changes, WooCommerce offers some bulk editing functionality out of the box. Still, there are many cases where you need to use alternative solutions for mass actions. Keep reading to learn how to put products on sale with WooCommerce and what alternative solutions you can use to get more flexibility in setting sale prices.

How to Put All Products on Sale with WooCommerce Admin

Before seasonal sales like Black Friday, you may want to discount all products in your store. To do so, follow a few steps:

  1. Log in to your admin panel and go to WooCommerce > Products.
  2. Select products by ticking a checkbox at the top left.

  3. Tip: If your products are listed on several pages, you need to set up pagination so that all records are displayed on one page.

    To do so, expand Screen Options, and under Pagination enter the number of products in your catalog. Click Apply.

    WooCommerce Pagination Settings
    Configure WooCommerce Pagination Settings

    Now all your products are displayed on one page, and you can select them by ticking the checkbox at the top left:

    WooCommerce Select All Products
    Select All Products to Set Sale Price for Them

  4. After that in Bulk Actions select Edit > Apply.

  5. WooCommerce Products Edit
    Use the Bulk Edit Option to Put All Products on Sale

  6. In the Edit window that opens find the Sale field, expand its drop-down. Under Change to: select the option Set to regular decreased by (fixed amount or %)

  7. WooCommerce Sale Price Change To
    Change Sale Price

  8. Enter a value or percent (with % character) and press Update to apply the changes:

  9. WooCommerce Apply Sale Price
    Press "Update" to Apply Sale Prices

Now, your products have a SALE! label, regular price is crossed and a new discounted price displayed:

WooCommerce Sale Prices Applied
Check Sale Prices Applied in Your Store

Put WooCommerce Category on Sale with Admin Panel

Oftentimes, you need to discount products within a specific category. For instance, if you run a clothing store, you may want to offer discounts on seasonal items: t-shirts, shorts, dresses, etc.

You can accomplish this using the default WooCommerce functionality too.


  1. Open Admin panel and go to WooCommerce > Catalog > Products, then select a specific category and press Filter:

  2. WooCommerce Category Filter
    Select a Category and Apply the Filter

  3. Tick the check box to select all products listed on this page. If the products from the selected category are displayed on several pages, set up pagination in Screen Options to display all products from the category within one page.

  4. After that, in Bulk Actions select Edit and press Apply.

  5. WooCommerce Category Sale Edit
    Bulk Edit the Category to Apply Sale Prices

  6. In the opened page, expand a drop-down for the Sale field and select the last option “Set to regular price decreased by”. Then enter a value or percent (with the % character) of the discount.

  7. WooCommerce Category Sale
    Apply Sale Prices to a Category

  8. Check the result on the online store. Clear cache if needed.

Set WooCommerce Sale Prices Based on Stock (Quantity)

You may want to sell out products with large stock. In this case, you need to filter products above a certain quantity and then apply sale prices to them.

Follow the steps to apply sale price to all products at once with Store Manager:

  1. Install a free trial and connect to your WooCommerce store. Free trial available here.
  2. Reset the filter to show all products. Check if the All per page view is selected.

  3. WooCommerce Store Manager Reset Filters
    Reset Filters to Display All Products

  4. Go to Catalog > Products. In the Stock field filter, select Custom.... From the available conditions select the one you need. To filter products within the 10-20 stock range, we select the options Is greater than or equal to (10) and Is less than or equal to (20)

  5. WooCommerce Store Manager Stock Field Custom Filter
    Select a Condition to Filter Stock Field Values

  6. Select the records using the Ctrl+A combination on the keyboard, then launch the Mass Changer tool:

  7. WooCommerce Sale Prices Based On Stock
    WooCommerce Sale Prices Based On Stock

  8. In the Mass Product Changer window, you can set the sale price for selected products. Select the Sale field in the first drop-down and use an SQL expression to set the sale price based on the regular price.

  9. Example: if you want a regular price to be decreased by 20%, use the following expression: [_regular_price]*0.8 where 0.8 is your price modifier.

    WooCommerce Store Manager Mass Change Sale Price
    Update Sale Price Using an SQL Expression

    Multiplying your price by 0.8 will make your sale price 20% less than the regular price.

As you can see, for products falling under the condition, a sale price has been applied:

WooCommerce Store Manager Sale Price Applied
Check the Sale Price In the Product Grid


As you can see, WooCommerce admin offers basic options to put all WooCommerce products on sale. However, if you want to use more conditions to put products on sale, using Store Manager will allow you to accomplish your task much easier

Use Store Manager for WooCommerce to set sale prices flexibly!

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