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How to Export WooCommerce Customers to QuickBooks

Do you need to sync your customer list between WooCommerce and QuickBooks? You can map or create customers when you export WooCommerce orders to QuickBooks. If you, though, need to export just customers, follow the guide below.

To export WooCommerce customers to QuickBooks launch Store Manager for WooCommerce > Addons > QuickBooks Integration > Export customers to QuickBooks:

WooCommerce Store Manager QuickBooks Export Customers

Select the fields to identify customers by. We recommend using First name, Last name and email fields though you can use other options from the list.

In the preview you can see the records that will be exported. To exclude some records, uncheck the selection next to the customer name:

WooCommerce Store Manager QuickBooks Export Customers Preview

Before specifying import options, connect to your QuickBooks account selecting one of the options:

WooCommerce Store Manager QuickBooks Export Customers Options

After the connection is established, select one of the offered import methods:

  • Create and modify customers
  • Create only (only create new customers and do not modify existing ones)
  • Modify only (only update existing customers and do not create new)

Under Customer Option check the following options if necessary:

  • Modify additional information (taxes) - define whether you want to edit taxes for users existing in the database

Finally, attend to the Tax options:

  • Tax - define the taxes for the users being exported
  • Set default tax- apply the same tax code (pick from the drop-down list in the Taxable item code field)
  • Export sales tax item as - pick a sales tax item used to add and calculate tax charges when you make a taxable sale.

WooCommerce Store Manager QuickBooks Export Customers Options Import Method

  • Fill customers list - get/refresh a list of customers existing in QuickBooks
  • Auto fill - automatically map customers from Store Manager to the existing customers in QuickBooks. For the mapped customers, you can update existing data if you had previously checked the corresponding option.

You can also map customers manually in the grid.

WooCommerce Store Manager QuickBooks Export Customers Map Checked

After you’ve finished with the settings, press Export and check the report:

WooCommerce Store Manager QuickBooks Export Customers Process Details

Now you can close the export wizard window and check the customers in QuickBooks.

Export WooCommerce Customers to QuickBooks with Store Manager!

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