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WooCommerce – Order Export To CSV

Running an online store, you may need to export WooCommerce orders to CSV, for instance, to prepare a report for yourself or your supplier.

As WooCommerce doesn’t offer order export functionality by default, you will need to use some external solution. In this article, we’ll make an overview of the tool that will help you export WooCommerce orders to CSV. This tool comes with Store Manager for WooCommerce, a desktop application that enhances the possibilities of the default WooCommerce functionality.

How to Export Orders from WooCommerce to CSV

Below are the steps to export orders from WooCommerce to CSV. Follow them with us to see order export in action.

  1. Download trial version of Store Manager for WooCommerce.
  2. Install the application and connect it to your store database.
  3. Open the Orders section and select the records.
  4. Launch the Export Orders Wizard and complete the task.

Step 1. Download a trial version of Store Manager for WooCommerce

You can download full version of Store Manager for WooCommerce and use it free of charge for 14 days. If you already have Store Manager installed, you can move to the next step. Otherwise, download a free trial from the website.

Step 2. Install the application and connect it to your store database.

After you downloaded the installation file, launch it and install the application on your computer. Next you need to connect the Store Manager app to your store database. Open “Preferences” and launch the connection wizard. Read more on how to connect to your store.

Step 3. Open the Orders section and select the records

When you’ve connected to your database, you’ll see your store data displayed in Store Manager. Therefore, in the Orders section will be displayed all orders from your WooCommerce store:

WooCommerce Store Manager Order Section
Orders List in Store Manager

To display specific orders, you can use column filters in the grid.

WooCommerce Store  Manager Filter Orders
Filter Orders to Export

Also, you can apply some of the predefined filters: time period, status, and customer:

WooCommerce Store Manager Order Filters
Use Predefined Filters to Select Orders to Export

After you’ve filtered necessary data, select the rows by holding Shift on the keyboard or use the Ctrl+A combination to select all filtered records.

Step 4. Launch the Export Orders Wizard and complete the task

To export selected orders, press “Export Data”. This will launch the Export Orders Wizard. Follow the instructions it offers to complete the task successfully.

WooCommerce Store Manager Order Export Wizard Launch
Press "Export Data" to Launch Orders Export

Firstly, select where to save the file. You can either create a new document or select an existing one. In the latter case, the data in the file will be overwritten.

WooCommerce Store Manager Order Export Select File
Select a File to Export Orders To

Next, specify the characters that will separate field data and quote string values in the result CSV file.

WooCommerce Store Manager Order Export Delimiters
Specify Delimiters In the Order Export File

Select the fields to be exported. You can either add all fields related to orders or some specific fields using the search:

WooCommerce Order Export Add Fields
Add Order Fields To Be Exported

This is the last step of the export setup. In this window, you can see the number of records that will be exported.

If everything looks good and you are ready to proceed, press “Export”.

WooCommerce Store Manager Order Export Run
Run Order Export

In the final window, you will see order data that was exported. “Instruct'' Store Manager what to do next: just close the wizard, open the directory with the exported file, or open the file.

Another useful option is the possibility to save export configuration. For example, if you export orders for a report, you might need some specific fields there. Having saved the configuration, you will be able to upload it next time and complete the task in a few steps because all options will be applied automatically.

WooCommerce Order Export Finish
Select Final Options

Now you have order data in the file and can work with it in a spreadsheet, share the data with your partners or supplier.

WooCommerce Orders Exported
View Exported Orders in the File

Try Store Manager for WooCommerce free to export orders to CSV. Enjoy the flexibility and simplicity of the export wizard and make your work even more effective!

Use Store Manager to Export WooCommerce Orders to CSV

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