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Delete WooCommerce Products by Stock, Name, Date Modified, etc. Without Import

In WooCommerce, deleting products in bulk is performed via their Bulk Actions > Move to Trash feature. Also, WooCommerce allows filtering products by category, product type, or stock availability and then deleting the filtered records.

But you may also need to delete products based on other criteria, for example: stock quantity (less or greater than…), product name containing some word (like “test”), products which have a sale price and more.

To perform these and other kinds of tasks related to deleting specific products, you need a flexible filtering tool. Such a tool is provided by Store Manager for WooCommerce.

Store Manager is a downloadable application that enhances the default WooCommerce functionality. It offers tools for bulk edits, advanced import/export, flexible sorting and filtering, database backup, and other tasks. If you don’t have Store Manager installed yet, download a free trial and install the application on your computer. Connect Store Manager to your store database following the Quick Start Guide.

Delete WooCommerce Products by Name

Sometimes you need to delete the products with a certain word/phrase in the name. Let’s now see how to delete products that have the word “Test” in their names. Here we have our WooCommerce store catalog open. As you can see, there are some test products here:

WooCommerce Products Name With Test

Now let’s see them in Store Manager (we’d previously connected the application to the store). Here are these test products displayed:

WooCommerce Store Manager Products Name With Test

Let’s now filter the test products. For that, expand the filter next to the Name field and select Custom Filter.

In the Custom Filter window, select the condition Contains and enter the word “Test” in the right field:

Press OK to apply the filter.

WooCommerce Store Manager Delete Products Name Condition

Now select the filtered products and press Delete on the toolbar:

WooCommerce Store Manager Delete Products Name Test Confirm

After you confirm the deletion of products by pressing OK, the product will be removed from your store database.

Delete WooCommerce Products with Quantity Less Than 1

In Store Manager, expand a filter for the Stock field. In the filter, under Stock, select the condition Is less than, then enter “1” in the right field, and press OK.

WooCommerce Store Manager Delete Products Less Quantity

The products have been filtered. Now select the products in the grid and press Delete on the toolbar.

WooCommerce Store Manager Delete Products Less Quantity Confirm

After you press OK, the products will be removed from your store.

Delete WooCommerce Products Not Updated Today

Filter products by Post Modified to show the products that have been updated lately at the top. Then select the rest products (use the combination Ctrl+Shift+End) and press Delete on the toolbar:

WooCommerce Store Manager Delete Products Not Updated

Delete WooCommerce Products with Sale Price

To delete products that are sale, apply a filter to the Sale Price field and select Non Blanks:

WooCommerce Store Manager Delete Products Sale Price

After the products that have a sale price will are displayed, select the records and press Delete on the toolbar.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we’ve described just some of the cases related to the deletion of products by specific criteria. In the same way, you can delete WooCommerce products according to your task.

  1. Display the column to filter products by in the grid.

  2. WooCommerce Store Manager Delete Products Configure Filter

  3. Use the default filter or apply a Custom filter with your condition as described above.
  4. Apply several filters to filter and delete specific products.

Try Store Manager for WooCommerce free and delete products as you need.

Delete WooCommerce Products flexibly with Store Manager

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