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WooCommerce Google Sheets Import

By default, WooCommerce only allows importing data from CSV. So, you will need an external solution to integrate with Google Sheets.

Store Manager for WooCommerce import tool provides this functionality along with other import possibilities. Below you’ll find a guide showing how to connect to Google Drive and import products from Google Sheets to WooCommerce successfully.

Connect Google Drive to WooCommerce

First of all, download a free trial version of Store Manager for WooCommerce, install the application and connect it to your store. When you’ve finished with the connection setup, you will see your category tree and products displayed in the application.

To connect to your Google cloud storage, launch any export or import tool with Store Manager. Let’s, for example, try to import products from a Google Sheet as we don’t have any of them in our test store yet.

WooCommerce Import Launch
Launch the import tool from the toolbar

In the open wizard among the available import sources, switch to “Google Spreadsheets”. Now you can add your Google Drive:

WooCommerce Import Add Cloud Account
Add Your Cloud Account

Enter a cloud storage name and press “Authenticate”:

WooCommerce Cloud Import Authenticate
Add your Google Account

A browser with a Google signin form will open. If you’re following the steps with us, select the account you want to connect to and press “Allow” to grant access to it:

WooCommerce Cloud Import Allow Access
Follow the prompts to allow access to your account

After you’ve finished, close the browser and return to Store Manager.

Tip You can add several accounts (for example, your account and your supplier’s) and switch between them.

Import products to WooCommerce from a Google Sheet

Now, when you have connected to Google Drive, open Drive Explorer. We’ve previously prepared a spreadsheet with products, so, we’ll select this document:

Next, select a Google sheet to import data from. If there are no column headers in your file, you just need to specify that in the settings. You’ll be able to assign columns to the database fields later in the mapping step.

WooCommerce Cloud Import Preview File
Preview data from the spreadsheet and check other options

The next important step is mapping spreadsheet columns to the database fields. To see how to map fields and configure other import options, watch this 5-minute video:

When you’ve finished with mapping, check the identifier that will be used during import. You can leave SKU as an identifier if you are adding new products. If you previously exported products with IDs and now are importing them back, you can use ID as an identifier.

WooCommerce Cloud Import Mapping
Select a matching column from the file to map it to a WooCommerce field

Move to the subsequent step where you can choose whether you want to update existing records, create new ones or do both. There are four options available:

  • Add and Modify - speaks for itself:)
  • Add Only - only add new products from the file and do not modify existing.
  • Modify Only - update existing products and do not add new.
  • Just Add - this option is used to import products to a new store. Because Store Manager doesn’t search for existing products, import completes faster.

Also, expand the Advanced options section to select a correct delimiter for the category path and specify other settings related to your specific task.

WooCommerce Cloud Import Methods
Specify category delimiter and other settings

This is the final step in the wizard. You can preview data and change some settings if necessary. To begin the upload, press “Import”.

After products have uploaded, look through the results, and press “Finish” to exit.

WooCommerce Cloud Import Result
Check import result

As you can see, products with images were created in Store Manager. Let’s right-click on a product to view it at the store front:

WooCommerce Cloud Import View Products on Store Front
Select "View Product Page" in the shortcut menu

Here is one of the imported product on our test WooCommerce store:

WooCommerce Cloud Imported Product
View imported product

Use Store Manager to perform Google Drive and WooCommerce Integration. Easily import data from your multiple suppliers, export/import data for analyses and updates.

Use Store Manager for WooCommerce for Google Sheets Import

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