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How to Create WooCommerce Shipping Classes and Assign Them to Products

Having flexible and scalable WooCommerce shipping system is an essential part of your business. Shipping options ensure delivery cost will be included into shopper’s order and shipping fees will be covered.

In order to get shipping cost calculated in WooCommerce, you have to add required shipping classes, configure shipping methods and associate merchandise with corresponding shipping classes. In this post we’ll try to figure out how these settings are determined from Store Manager for WooCommerce application.

Store Manager for WooCommerce supports shipping class management starting from version There are complete set of basic operations available, as well as shipping class export and bulk assign (by means of Mass Product Changer or via import).

Add WooCommerce Shipping Class

WooCommerce shipping class is the way to unite definite merchandise into groups for shipping. Further WooCommerce shipping classes are being associated with shipping cost.

To create new WooCommerce shipping class proceed with described options:

  1. Navigate to WooCommerce Shipping Classes section of Store Manager application and hit 'Add New' button on the toolbar.

  2. Input all shipping class related details to make the record complete and recognizable.

  3. Adding WooCommerce Product Shipping Classes
    Adding WooCommerce Product Shipping Classes

  4. Save WooCommerce product shipping class in Store Manager.

Shipping class cost is being set up in WordPress admin panel. Navigate to WooCommerce tab on dashboard and find 'Settings' submenu. Afterwards select necessary shipping method and add charge value to each class you have.

Assign WooCommerce Shipping Class to Products

When it comes to assigning shipping class to WooCommerce products you would like to fulfill it in the most convenient way. Store Manager for WooCommerce allows you to bulk assign/change shipping class for multiple selected product with Mass Product Changer or via import.

1) Assign WooCommerce Shipping Class with Mass Product Changer

  1. Select products, WooCommerce shipping class will be ascribed to via Mass Product Changer;

  2. Launch Mass Product Changer either from context menu or from toolbar;

  3. Select Shipping Class field in the dropdown list of fields;

  4. Adding WooCommerce Product Shipping Classes
    Adding WooCommerce Product Shipping Classes

  5. Choose action in the following field;

  6. Select WooCommerce product shipping class in the last dropdown and save changes.

The update being accomplished there will appear log window in Store Manager for WooCommerce, so you can see what products have been modified.

2) Link WooCommerce Shipping Classes to Products in the Process of Import

You may associate products with shipping classes (change or assign class) via WooCommerce import. If you have, for example, update some product details via import, Store Manager requires only product identifier (unique) and details to be changed.

Adding WooCommerce Product Shipping Classes
Adding WooCommerce Product Shipping Classes

The file is being uploaded to WooCommerce through the import wizard, the overall procedure is described thoroughly in this tutorial - https://woocommerce-manager.com/useful-articles/woocommerce-product-management/woocommerce-import-step-by-step-tutorial/

Make sure you mapped fields correctly and file column, listing shipping classes of uploaded products, is inked to corresponding database field.

Adding WooCommerce Product Shipping Classes
Adding WooCommerce Product Shipping Classes

Once import is performed, you will find shipping classes assigned to all the items available in the import file.

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