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How to generate WooCommerce product data with ChatGPT

This article will provide you details on how to generate WooCommerce product data with ChatGPT using Store Manager for WooCommerce.

In this article we’ll go through few possible scenarios:

In order to generate any data with ChatGPT for WooCommerce plugin you will need Store Mangaer for WooCommerce software. Free 14-days trial availalbe, so you can use it free of charge. Download it now.

ChatGPT Pricing

eMagicOne does not charge for ChatGPT or any other AI models usage. OpenAI offers a number of paid plans that you can choose from in order to use their API. You can find currentChatGPT API pricing here. Also it is a good idea to use "Pay as you go" plan if you are still considering using AI for your WooCommerce store. For that you will need to have at least $5 on your account in order to be able to use ChatGPT API (Check currnt pricing on the OpenAI API pricing page).

There you can view your existing categories and subcategories on the right and quickly create new category on the left.

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Liam • 09/15/2018

The installation program says my email does not exist.

WooCommerce Store ManagerMod Liam • 09/15/2018

Hello, Liam!
Thank you for your comment.
Plese, try to use an alternative email, for example, gmail.com. If that does not help - please contact our support for assistance.