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WooCommerce Export: Quick Way to Get Products Listed in CSV

WooCommerce export of products is a real must have when you plan to move existing product listings to new website, update them in bulk using a spreadsheet or even create a backup file. WooCommerce itself does not provide built-in export tool what complicates the task mentioned. What would be the best way out in this case?

Store Manager for WooCommerce multifaceted solution eliminates all WooCommerce product export obstacles and makes data transfer quick, accurate and flexible.

WooCommerce Export: Files Supported

Store Manager maintains grid WooCommerce product export to .html, .xml, .txt, .csv, .xls, .xlsx files as well as extended data export via special enhanced wizard to .csv files.

The peculiarity of grid export is that, only fields displayed in product grid (preview, ID, product name, SKU, regular price, post status, product type, stock status, sale price, post date, post modified, stock, featured).

WooCommerce Product Export from the Store Manager Grid
WooCommerce Product Export from the Store Manager Grid

WooCommerce export to .csv file via the Wizard has apparent advantages, since lets you adjust export configuration, select fields to be listed in the spreadsheet and even use expressions if you have some specific requirements.

In the next few lines of this tutorial we will provide you with detailed information of a whole WooCommerce .csv export process.

WooCommerce Export of Products: Step by Step

  1. Let’s get started with export. WooCommerce Export Wizard can be accessed via product context menu or launched directly from the toolbar. Choose the one you prefer.

  2. Buttons for Export of WooCommerce Products
    Buttons for Export of WooCommerce Products

    The Wizard steps, you should configure settings within, are disposed on the left side of the Export Wizard. Any time you need, you can return to previous step just selecting it in this menu. We’ll go step by step in our tutorial.

  3. Specify WooCommerce export file name and location it will be saved to.

  4. Save Exported WooCommerce Products to the CSV File
    Save Exported WooCommerce Products to the CSV File

    You might have noticed "Upload file via FTP" checkbox. This option allows you to dispose export file on server. Just enable this procedure and input credentials.

  5. Determine what separators will be used to detach product data in .csv file. The delimiters you specify at this step of WooCommerce product export will be used to open the file. If you import this file with Store Manager you will be asked to set delimiters for data to be parsed correctly.

  6. Export WooCommerce Products File Delimiters
    Export WooCommerce Products File Delimiters

  7. It’s time to select products related details you want to transfer to datafeed in the process of WooCommerce export. You can either select fields one by one and transfer them to list of fields to be exported or move all the fields at once. If some fields are already on the list, but you do not want to export them, just drag them back either one by one or massively.
  8. Selection of WooCommerce Product Fields for Export
    Selection of WooCommerce Product Fields for Export

  9. Final step of WooCommerce .csv export tasks you to figure out what items will be exported - entire store catalog or selected at the moment only.

  10. WooCommerce Product Export Options
    WooCommerce Product Export Options

  11. Click Export button.

  12. Select after export action - open the file right after data are transferred, access the folder containing file or do nothing.

Use Store Manager for WooCommerce to Download Any Product Detail to File

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