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WooCommerce CSV Product Import

When all configurations of your WooCommerce store are done, the first thing you may consider will probably be product import. If you want to avoid adding items one by one, prepare a WooCommerce CSV product import file containing all necessary product data and import it to your shop.

Currently, WooCommerce admin does not provide the possibility of uploading goods to a store without installing additional extensions, though you may resort to Store Manager for WooCommerce. Using this application you can import product data flawlessly by clicking through a few steps via special import wizard.

Use the following guide to import goods to your WooCommerce in a couple of clicks.

  1. Before starting the import process, you should first prepare a .csv file containing all important product information. Here is a WooCommerce CSV import sample:

  2. WooCommerce CSV Import
    WooCommerce CSV Import

  3. To start the import wizard, tap the 'Import data' button on the 'Products' toolbar.

  4. WooCommerce CSV Import
    WooCommerce CSV Import

  5. Press the browse button and double-click on the local .csv import file. Select the file charset or let it be auto detected.

  6. WooCommerce CSV Import
    WooCommerce CSV Import

  7. Select delimiter type and specify whether to quote string values. In case you want the first raw to contain the field names, check the corresponding box.

  8. WooCommerce CSV Import
    WooCommerce CSV Import

    In case, you need to add an own SQL query, tap 'Add custom SQL' and use the extended expression editor to generate the query.

  9. Now you have to assign file columns to appropriate fields from your store database:
    • Select a suitable identification field to identify the products being imported (if the product already exists in the database, it will be modified, if it is a new item, it will be added to the store);

    • WooCommerce CSV Import
      WooCommerce CSV Import

    • Use the drop-downs with the source fields to link them to the database fields.

    • WooCommerce CSV Import
      WooCommerce CSV Import

  10. Proceed to import options and select necessary one:
    • Modify only (update existing products without adding new goods)
    • Just add

    WooCommerce CSV Import
    WooCommerce CSV Import

    Tap 'Preview Import Data' button to check if everything is ok.

  11. Press 'Import' button and view the import results.
  12. Current import configuration can be saved to Store Manager archive or to file and used when performing product upload next times.

  13. WooCommerce CSV Import
    WooCommerce CSV Import

    As you see, importing WooCommerce products via Store Manager is very compact and comprises just few clicks. Although, you should take your time to prepare the CSV file properly to provoke no errors during the process.

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