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WooCommerce Linked Products: Cross and Up-selling

WooCommerce linked products functionality allows to stimulate customers’ purchasing experience and increase profitability of website with effective cross and upselling techniques. By introducing a variety of both alternative and complementary goods to customers, you can minimize the chances that shoppers would leave your store empty-handed and increase average order value.

Basically, if you’re not applying recommendation strategies to your WooCommerce store and have no related items assigned to your products, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

In this article, we want to focus on tips & tricks for WooCommerce merchants on how to effectively use linked products to increase online sales.

WooCommerce Cross-Sells

Cross-sells are complementary items that a shopper may want to buy additionally to the product s/he is currently interested in. As a rule they are showing in the cart.

For example, if you are selling a phone, cross-sells might be the following: a case, charger, adapter or any other accessory.

To add cross-sell, open products edit form, navigate to ‘Linked Products’ tab and start typing item’s name (at least 3 characters). You will be able to see matches in drop-down and select the most suitable one(s). To add a few cross-sells, repeat the process the necessary amount of time.

WooCommerce Cross Sell Product in the Admin
WooCommerce Cross Sell Product in the Admin

WooCommerce Up-sells

Upsells are goods that are recommended instead of the currently viewed product. These alternative items are usually suggestions to ‘upgrade’ current choice either in quality or price. This is a great way to get your customers to think about a similar product, same brand, that has more features, added options, and of course, is more expensive.Thereby those suggestions are intended to persuade the customer to choose the better option.

Unlike cross-sells, WooCommerce up-sells show on product details page under the title “you may be also interested in” or “you may also like” (depending on template).

The procedure of adding up-sells is similar to creating cross-sells. Go down to your settings on the specific product page and click on ‘Linked Products’. Just start typing the name of the product in the field and matches should appear.

WooCommerce Up-sell Product in the Admin
WooCommerce Up-sell Product in the Admin

Important! Both up-sells and cross-sells will need to have been products you have previously added to your store.

Add WooCommerce Linked Products In Bulk

As you have seen above, in WooCommerce backoffice you can find complementary products by name only and there is no way to choose them to assign in bulk.

To maximize the potential of upselling & cross-selling you can use Store Manager for WooCommerce app. Using it you can benefit from the following useful features:

  • Select a few products to assign recommendations and link them in bulk.

  • Adding WooCommerce Linked Products in Bulk
    Adding WooCommerce Linked Products in Bulk

  • Find suitable matches by selecting various fields to search in (name, SKU, products type, status, etc).

  • WooCommerce Linked Products Search in Store Manager
    WooCommerce Linked Products Search in Store Manager

  • Add multiple cross or upsells to product massively.

  • WooCommerce Up-sell Products in Search
    WooCommerce Up-sell Products in Search

Bulk Assign WooCommerce Linked Products with Store Manager Tool!

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