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How to Bulk Replace Data in WooCommerce (WordPress) – Text, Images, Slug and Other Fields

Running a website on WordPress, you might have used a WordPress replace module. If you also have a WooCommerce plugin installed, you may need a similar WooCommerce replace module for mass updates in your store.

Below is an overview of the Store Manager for WooCommerce tool allowing you to search for and replace various kinds of data within your WooCommerce store.

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Store Manager for WooCommerce is an application that enhances the default WooCommerce admin possibilities and allows managing your store offline. If you don’t have Store Manager installed yet, download the free trial, install the application on your computer, and connect to your store database following the Quick Start Guide.

Replacing a Brand Name in Product Titles via Mass Changer Tool

Let’s assume that you got product listings from your supplier and want to replace their company name with your online store name.

Here are the steps to accomplish this:

  1. Select the products that you want to update. In our example we’ve selected the Men subcategory within the T-shirts category.
  2. Launch the Mass changer tool.

  3. WooCommerce Store Manager Mass Changer Start
    Launch the WooCommerce Mass Changer Tool from Store Manager

  4. Specify the conditions for the replacement operation.

    First, pick a product field that must be updated. Next select the type of bulk action (Replace in our example). Then enter the value that must be replaced. And finally, enter the new value:

  5. Mass Product Changer Replace Title
    Select the Replace Option in Mass Changer

  6. Preview the result and press OK to run the replacement.

As you can see, product names have been successfully updated:

WooCommerce Store Manager Titles Replaced
Company Names Replaced

Read the detailed tutorial on the Mass Changer tool with Store Manager for WooCommerce.

Remove a Word or Phrase From Product Text Fields (Names, Descriptions, etc)

Suppose, you want to remove some word or phrase from the product name, description, sku, terms, or other text fields. For this, we’ll use the combination of search and replace operations.

Read more on how to use advanced search possibilities with Store Manager for WooCommerce.

  1. First, let’s filter the products that contain MyCompanyName in the title. Select all products in the grid and launch the Search tool:

  2. WooCommerce Store Manager Search And Replace
    Use the Search Tool to Filter Data to Be Replaced

  3. In the Search tool, specify the product field and the the term to search for:

  4. WooCommerce Store Manager Search Term To Replace
    Enter the Search Term To Be Replaced

  5. Based on our search parameters, we have found 22 products. Press OK to create a filter with these products.
  6. Now select the filtered products and launch Mass Changer.
  7. In the Mass Changer, specify the conditions. To remove the value, use Replace and enter the space value in the “replace with” field:

WooCommerce Store Manager Find And Replace
Replace a Word from the Product Title

WooCommerce Store Manager Find And Replace
Replace a Word from the Product Title Result

Mass Changer allows you to replace data in the following fields: name, description, short description, purchase note, and SKU. More opportunities to replace data are available in the Import/Export Products Wizard.

Replace Product Featured Image

To replace featured images for existing products, export them to a file. It's enough to export just two fields: one for iedentification (ID or SKU) and the featured_image field.

WooCommerce Store Manager Export Featured Image To Replace
Export Featured Image Field to Replace Images

irst need to prepare a local folder with new files (new featured images to be uploaded) or URLs to new images.

Run the import and proceed to the last step. There, for the Products Import Method setting, switch to “Modify only”.

Then expand Advanced options to locate the folder with the new images and specify the setting for image import as “Upload and replace”:

WooCommerce Store Manager Import Replace Image Option
Select the Replace Image Option

This way you will be able to replace featured images for your products without having to delete or rename old images.

Follow this tep-by-step guide to import images with Store Manager for WooCommerce.

Replace Slug Via Import/Export Products Wizard

It might happen that you need to replace some data with your WooCommerce store but there is no appropriate option neither in Mass Changer nor in the Import Wizard. In that case, you can use the replace function with an expression.

Expressions editor tool with the Import Wizard allows you to create and apply SQL expressions for a wide range of replacement operations.

Note: Creating new expressions requires strong knowledge of SQL. You can use the expression from the example below. In case you need any other expression, the tech department at eMagicOne provides a service of making SQL expressions that can solve your specific task. For more details, write to contact@emagicone.com

Let’s for example try to remove the “-2” from the product slugs. For that we need to replace “-2” with a space character or no character. Same can be applied to any field.

  1. Export products, 2 fields: SKU and Slug.
  2. In order to perform replacement for the existing products, first export them to a file. For that, launch the Export wizard and in step 3 where you select fields to export, add SKU and Slug (SKU will serve as a product identifier).

    WooCommerce Store Manager Export Fields Slug
    Export the Slug Field to Replace

  3. Next, import the file back and at the mapping step enter the expression for the Slug field.
  4. To replace “-2” with a space character, you can use the following expression: REPLACE ([SOURCE_FIELD(Slug)],’-2’,’ ’)

    To replace “-2” with no character, you can use the following expression: REPLACE ([SOURCE_FIELD(Slug)],’-2’,’’)

    WooCommerce Store Manager Replace Slug Expression
    Use an SQL Expression to Replace Slug

  5. After adding the expression, proceed with the import setting and upload the file. As a result all “-2” values will be removed from the slug.

You can do the replacement of any other text or characters to any value or no value for your WooCommerce products using the above command.


Let’s summarize what tools you can use for various types of replacement tasks. To filter products by various criteria, you can use the Advanced Search tool. The Mass Product Changer tool will allow you to replace data in product name, description and other text fields. Finally, to replace data in other product fields you can rely on the Import/Export Wizards and the built-in SQL Editor.

If you have a specific task but not sure what tool to use, write in the comments. We’ll be glad to help.

Use Store Manager for WooCommerce to replace data in your store!

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