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Manage WooCommerce Multi Store From One Location

Do you run several WooCommerce stores each on their own hosting service and server? Or you have a WooCommerce Multisite network with stores sharing the same database? In both situations, it takes more time and effort to manage your catalog and sync orders.

Here at a rescue comes Store Manager for WooCommerce, an application that simplifies and speeds up the maintenance of online stores.

Store Manager supports either type of organizing your WooCommerce business. You can connect to all your independent stores and manage them within one interface. Also, you can establish connection to your WooCommerce Multisites database and switch between multiple stores.

How to Speed Up WooCommerce Multistore Management

In Store Manager, you'll find a set of tools to run your WooCommerce shop network more efficiently:

How to Manage Multiple Standalone WooCommerce Stores With Store Manager

Store Manager for WooCommerce allows you to connect to multiple stores and switch between them using the "Switch Connection" feature:

WooCommerce Store Manager Switch Connection Feature
Click "Switch Connection" on the Toolbar and Select a Store

How to Add New Store Connection to Store Manager?

To manage all your multiple stores with Store Manager you need to establish connection to each store. Below are the steps to add a new connection.

  1. In Store Manager, switch to the "Settings" tab and click the "Preferences" icon on the toolbar (or just press F12 hotkey):
  2. There will be the "Database Connection" section.

  3. WooCommerce Store Manager Database Configuration Settings
    Open "Preferences" and select "Database Connection"

  4. Under the "Store Configuration" settings click the "+" icon (Add new store configuration):

  5. WooCommerce Store Manager Add New Connection

  6. Type the name of the new configuration and press 'OK'.

  7. WooCommerce Store Manager Enter the Name of New Connection
    Enter the Name of the New Connection

  8. Select the type of connection. There are five connection types available:
    • Direct connection
    • Direct connection through SSH
    • Direct connection through HTTP tunnel
    • PHP MySQL bridge connection
    • WooCommerce Store Manager Connector

    WooCommerce Store Manager Select Connection Type
    Select Connection Type by and Switch to It

  9. If, for example, you selected a Direct Connection, proceed to the Database Connection settings. Enable the embedded database by checking the corresponding box or fill in the required data:
    • MySQL host
    • User name
    • Password
    • Database name

    WooCommerce Store Manager Adding New Connection
    Fill in the Credentials of the Remote Database or Check the "Embedded Database" Option

  10. Now you can test the connection between Store Manager and your database. When the connection is successfully established you can proceed to adding connections for your other stores.
To learn more about the types of connection and select the most suitable for your store, please follow our Quick Start Guide.

How to Switch Between the Connections?

  1. Open the "Settings" tab and press "Switch Connection". Then click on the necessary connection and confirm you want to change the connection on the pop-up message.

WooCommerce Store Manager Confirm Switching Connection
Confirm that You Want to Switch Connection

The possibility is extremely advantageous, as you don't have to get a separate Store Manager for each WooCommerce store. You can connect one application to a bunch of databases and switch between them in one click when necessary.

How to Manage WordPress Multisites with Store Manager

Connect to the store database following the instructions.

After the connection is established you will see an icon with the name of the main store on the toolbar. Click the icon to see a list of available sites:

Store Manager for WooCommerce Multisite Management
After you connect to your store database the main store icon will appear on the toolbar

To switch to another store double-click its name. The data associated with the selected site (catalog tree, products, orders, media library, users) will be automatically displayed in Store Manager:

Store Manager for WooCommerce Dropdown to Switch Between Multi Stores Manager Switch Sites
Double-click a store's name to switch

To enable the management of more than one WooCommerce store from Store Manager, you just have to configure each of the connections. After that, you will be able to switch between them in one click and use all the rich functionality of Store Manager to administer your stores!

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